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Security Management

Criminal actions can disrupt business procedures at any time. Companies should prepare themselves with a security management that protects them from various criminal threats such as corruption, burglary, theft, assault, espionage and defamation.

You choose the degree of security!

We provide support with standardized security concepts (TOP – technical, organizational and personal), as well as tailor-made solutions and services to give you the best possible protection from criminal threats. Whether it is devising the overall security concept or the coordination of your complete security management, we always follow a holistic approach.

In case you are already victim of a criminal offense, we will help you repel these actions and minimize the potential damage. Our expert investigators discretely solve cases, secure evidence and prepare information for use in court.

For some companies it may not be economically viable to employ their own security officer. This can be solved by outsourcing the duties of the security officer to an external security provider. We are available for you with this expertise around the clock. A permanent point of contact at Corporate Trust is ready to act as the security officer for your company, compiling detailed risk analysis papers and devising the necessary actions. Furthermore, our experts will draft the relevant documentation, including a company security policy, guidelines and operating procedures, as well as ensure that these procedures are properly and efficiently implemented. You choose your how much security your company needs!