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Personal Protection

Those in need of personal protection do not wish to unnecessarily forfeit their privacy at the same time. We therefore place great emphasis on effective but inconspicuous security, so as to restrict you as little as possible.

Protect yourself before the threat becomes real.

We achieve this by devising detailed protection concepts which are tailored to your requirements and life-style. Our protection personnel are former members of government special units and have a wealth of experience in providing protection which is as unobtrusive as it is effective.

Should you need protecting abroad, we will be at your side anywhere in the world with selected, locally knowledgeable specialists – and naturally in crisis-stricken regions as well.

Concept 106 – An invisible shield.

Now more than ever, kidnappers and extortionists are targeting the children and grandchildren of wealthy people. There is a special need here for a protection concept which does not hinder a child in its development, social life and everyday routine. To meet this challenge, Corporate Trust relies on the successful concept of indirect personal protection by means of constant advance reconnaissance.