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Mobile & Cloud Security

The first steam trains may have pointed the way toward a new age of travel, but it was the car that really made good on the promise of personal mobility.

Data access from anywhere – but not for just anyone

A similar phenomenon can be observed today with the internet, whose global network comes with the promise of easy access to any and all information from any location on the planet. However, this vision will only be achieved by means of mobile devices and cloud computing.

As with every new technology, these developments represent a huge challenge for established security measures. So it is understandable that innovations involving mobile data access are often rejected for reasons of security. But the competitiveness of many German companies is based on their innovative strength and the continual introduction of the latest ideas. It cannot make sense in the long term, therefore, to simply dismiss innovations out of hand on security grounds. This is why we want to work together with you to find innovative responses to the new challenges in the field of security.

Designing secure systems that enable a company to access its information on the move requires a great deal of care and attention to detail. When iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, Playbooks, or devices with Android operating systems are being used for business purposes, it is absolutely essential to have security measures in place. The question of what company data should be accessed through cloud infrastructures and what should remain under in-house control is not self-evident either. It can only be answered after an analysis of the information in question has been carried out to determine how critical it is and once the individual security requirements of the particular case have been defined.

Take the time to find the right answers to these questions for your company and its strategy. We know all about the technical possibilities of mobile devices and cloud technologies, and can make them work for your company too. This is possible because we are familiar with all the ways in which the new technologies can be attacked and with all the security problems associated with them. We will use this expertise to assist you in setting your company on the right path for the future: where information can be accessed no matter where you are on the globe.

We will tell you how to avoid familiar security issues such as Trojan horses/malware, loss/theft, or data protection leaks in the new IT environment, not to mention how you can counter new threats such as jailbreaks and rooting. We would be pleased to send you detailed documentation listing the various options on offer. And of course, we are always available if you would like to get in touch to discuss any such issues.