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When saving lives, only the best equipment is good enough.

Close protection work brings you together with a wide variety of clients: Some are avid outdoor-fans and practice exotic hobbies, others prefer the comfort of urban surroundings. Depending on their age, your protectees may have health conditions and regularly take medication. Health emergencies can therefore occur anytime, anywhere.

Defending clients against all dangers thus includes preparing yourself for a medical worst case scenario. Even if such scenarios are relatively rare. It will enable you to deal effectively with heart attacks, multiple trauma or strokes, among others.

Content and Functions of the  MedicPack©

The MedicPack© has been developed as an easy-to-carry backpack in order to allow for maximum mobility. Although it has been designed with sturdy, heavy-duty materials all over, its carbon finish makes it look no different than any other high-end piece of luggage and thus allows for a low-profile. Its main compartment is protected with SK1-class soft-ballistic Kevlar; the bottom compartment features SK2-class hard-ballistic Kevlar. When we developed the MedicPack©, we designed it specifically for comfortable wear, especially with a view to long assignments.

Close protection officers can choose to wear the backpack with full or partial equipment modules:

  • Full Version – for car-bound assignments
  • Standard Version – for duty on foot
  • Minimal Version – for concealed carrying under a suit (ankle pack)

The MedicPack©‘s main component is a backpack containing various interior compartments. The equipment inside is separated according to the sequence of patient care. The Stifneck cervical support is placed in a compartment in the outer front. Above the main compartment sits a bag that is removable by zipper.

Fully Equipped MedicPack©

The contents of the MedicPack© were carefully chosen based on realistic medical scenarios in close protection. It is organized according to the customary sequence of an Initial Assessment, as defined by the Tactical Rescue & Emergency Association TREMA e.V. – a sequence called C-A-B-C-D-E:


– Tourniquet (2x)
– Kerlix Bandage (1x)
– Hemostatic agent, e.g. combat gauze (2x)
– Protective gloves (2 pairs)
– Stifneck (1x)
– Protective glasses (1x)
– Textile scissors (1x)
– Auto-injector adrenalin (1x)
– Head lamp (1x)


– Ventilation mask (1x)
– Nasopharyngeal tube, CH 26 (2x)
– Oropharyngeal airway, sizes 1-5 (1x ea.)
– Larynx tube, sizes 3-5 (1x ea.)
– Tracheotomy set (1x)
– Manual resuscitator bag (1x)
– Wooden spatula (2x)


– Pulse oximeter
– Oxygen, bottle 1 l aluminum with valve (1x)
– Oxygen mask/goggles (je 1x)
– Chest seals/occlusive wound dressings, without valve (2x)
– Stethoscope (1x)
– Cannula for pressure relief punctuation (1x)
– Tape (2 ro)
– Manual one-time suction pump (Suction Easy)


– Defibrillator (AED) (1x)
– Blood pressure cuff (1x)
– Emergency bandage, small (2x)
– Emergency bandage, medium (1x)
– Guaze pack, small, Army (1x)
– Guaze pack, burn wounds, Army (2x)
– Rescue blanket (2x)
– Elastic bandages (2x)
– Sterile compress 10×10 (2 x)
– Steristrips (1 envelope with 5 strips)
– Wound glue
– Disinfectant (1x)
– Band-aids, various sizes
– Infusion set with 0.5l NaCl or Ringer’s solution


– Diagnostic lamp (1x)
– Glucometer (1x)
– Glucose 10 ml, G40 (4x)


– Documentation pack
– Felt marker (1x)
– Pen (1x)
– Water Jel Burn Dressing, 4“x4“ (2x)
– Water Jel Burn Dressing, 8“x18“ (1x)
– Esmarch / delta tourniquet (3x)
– Ice & Go Bandage (2x)
– Tarp for transporting the patient (1x)
– Sam Splint, all-purpose splint (1x)

Before using the equipment, we recommend a training course in tactical medicine and the MedicPack©’s special features.

Modular Structure

The removable bottom compartment holds heavy equipment such as

  • Oxygen bottle
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Tarp for transporting the patient

When accompanying the protectee on foot, the close protection officer may carry the Minimal Version of the backpack under their suit. The ankle pack is completely equipped, avoiding the need the re-pack your equipment from one bag to another. It contains:

  • Protective gloves
  • Rescue blanket
  • Nasopharyngeal tube
  • Ventilation cloth
  • Cannula for pressure-relief puncturing
  • SWAT tourniquet
  • Quick-clot gauze
  • Emergency bandage (small)