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In a crisis, nothing is business as usual. A company’s communication becomes especially challenging with all its internal and external groups who must be addressed. At that moment it is not enough to be good at manufacturing and selling products. Everything counts: every word, symbol and action – and how they are communicated.


In a crisis or special situation, a company’s reputation can hang by a thread. We have supported enterprises in numerous challenging situations and know what must be done to defend and secure their reputation. To be sure, a crisis can also be an opportunity to boost a company’s reputation. Armed with the right strategy and positive messages, we help you to control the situation. Preparing yourself during crisis-free times remains the best way to guard against surprises when they occur.

Professional communication is the best insurance when push comes to shove. Crises can hit any company out of the blue. That’s when communication counts: an adequate reaction, the right words and imagery. Reputations easily come under pressure and corporate brands suffer long-term when the answer is not the right one. Crisis communication helps to rebuild lost trust and rectify false information and rumors; it prevents damages and protects the company’s valuable image in times of hyper-sensitive public scrutiny.

Corporate Trust supports you with preventive measures to get in front of any future crisis by detecting risks early on and providing solutions to potential sources of trouble. When a crisis does occur, our experienced PR specialists are available around the clock domestically as well as internationally.

Our trainings are based on the long-standing practical experience of our consultants with real-life crises. We tailor our trainings to your specific needs and are conduct them at our facilities or on your premises.

Our crisis communication experts are available for operational and strategic support in these areas:


  • Design of a crisis PR plan
  • Development of action recommendations for a potential crisis
  • Creation of a line of arguments
  • Media trainings
  • Internal coaching for crises

Crisis Situations:

  • Design of a crisis PR plan
  • Direction of all internal and external communication flows
  • Process planning
  • Product recall
  • Execution and handling of the entire communication process