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IT Security Check

The Corporate Trust IT Security Quick Check allows you to obtain an expert assessment of your IT security situation in no time at all. The current threat situation and possible risks in terms of leaking information are determined in five steps.

The Check-Up for your IT immune system

This service package is aimed particularly at medium-sized companies which do not have their own in-house IT security department.

The results of the IT Security Quick Check are as follows:

  • A report containing an overall assessment of the IT security situation,
  • A catalog of prioritized measures derived from this report, which details which measures are to be implemented in order to achieve which security objective and with what capacity, in order to
  • Provide management with a basis on which to make their decisions, together with various options (cost/benefit assessment).

The IT Security Quick Check consists of five steps which, in line with Corporate Trust’s consultancy philosophy, take a holistic approach by considering external attacks via the Internet as well as the opportunities for internal attacks (WLANs, network outlets, etc.):

Step 1: Check the available documentation.

Step 2: Determine the security requirements (quick-fire questions):
A workshop is held on your premises with IT staff and specialist stakeholders to quickly determine what the sensitive data and assets that merit protection actually are.

Step 3: Document IT systems (quick-fire questions):
A workshop is held on your premises with IT staff to quickly determine what IT systems are in place and how they are configured; this also involves an analysis of the network map.
Once these three steps are complete, Corporate Trust is in a position to assess the suitability of the company’s IT security measures, which it documents in a report. Required improvements are prioritized and documented in a list of measures.

Step 4: Scan from the Internet:
A brief scan identifies the opportunities for penetrating the company network via the Internet. The results report is updated accordingly.

Step 5: Comprehensive effectiveness test:

Step 5a: In order to be able to test the effectiveness of the documented security measures, a checklist of various test points is drawn up.

Step 5b: Testing the IT systems based on the checklist (this step can be managed in-house if preferred)

A report is drawn up based on the information obtained in these steps, which provides a general assessment of the company’s IT architecture and data protection measures from a technical security point of view.

The “IT Security Quick Check” service package  is offered at a fixed price. We would be pleased to send you detailed documentation listing the various options on offer. And of course, we are always available if you would like to get in touch to discuss any such issues.