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Global Business Security
Many companies do not have their own travel security manage-ment. Nevertheless, they are legally responsible for their emplo-yees’ security while travelling.

Security for you and your employees abroad

Many companies do not have their own travel security manage-ment. Nevertheless, they are legally responsible for their emplo-yees’ security while travelling. With Global Business Security, CORPORATE TRUST offers a services package that provides you and your em-ployees with an efficient and individualized basic protection level for visits abroad. It includes:

  • Design of a travelsecurity policy tailored to the client company’s particular needs
    • Custom-made threat analysis
    • Periodical security classification of the destinations
    • Definition of security provisions depending on security classification
  • Overview of all travels in the Global Monitoring Tool
  • Regional-specific online trainings and advice for travel security and safe
  • 24 /7 global crisis hotline & assistance (medical & security)

Based on these basic services, Global Business Security clients may add optional travel security services, for instance close protection services, security training and others as needed. An international network of medical and security providers is at your disposal 24/7.

The pricing of Global Business Security packages depends on the number of travellers.


  • Is based on a custom-made travel security policy
    • Custom-made threat analysis
    • Security classification of destinations (e. g. region, countries, cities)
    • Definition of security provisions depending on the security classification
  • Collects and tracks all travel data with geo-tags as well as static, company-specific data(e. g. project sites, hotels)
  • Provides an overview of recent security incidents and automatically matches these with individual geo-tagged data of employees as well as alarm and communication services if required.
  • Avoids information overload through multiple filter options

Global Business Security offers an interactive 3D online training and security advice for travellers, thus protecting them from bodily harm and their corporate information and IT-equipment from being stolen:

  • Pre-travel security advice (e. g. bringing important documents to the destination)
  • Culture and gender-specific advice (e. g. dress codes)
  • Behaviour in conflict situations and emergencies (e. g. in the event of an assault)
  • Public behaviour (e. g. keeping a low profile)
  • Use of public transport (e. g. taxis)
  • Provisions for personal safety (e. g. in the hotel)
  • Provisions for IT- and information security (e. g. social engineering)

Availability and help for medical and security emergencies across the globe, around the clock

  • 24/7 global crisis hotline
  • Operators offer immediate qualified help
  • Access to a global assistance network
In addition to the services of Global Business Security, optional modules are available, priced at a reduced daily rate.

Individual risk analysis

  • Client-specific assessment of regions, countries, cities and project sites
  • Crime risk, e. g. kidnapping, extortion, industrial espionage
  • Operational risks, e. g. infrastructure, medical treatment, rule of law
  • Systematic risks, e. g. state security forces, socio-economic, instability, ethnic-religious conflicts
  • Financial risks, e. g. monetary stability, payment practice
  • Environmental and health risks, e. g. pandemics, flooding, earthquakes
  • Business specific risks, e. g. labour strikes

Personal briefings and security training for expats

  • Customer-oriented security trainings for expats e. g. on security risks in destination country
  • Practical trainings, incl. exercises on personal security and appropriate behaviour in dangerous situations and emergencies

Protection of personnel, property and proprietary company information

  • Travellers´ and expats´ technical equipment, e. g. satellite telephones, organisation of special protected vehicles and drivers, mobile emergency transmitters
  • Information guarding, e. g. encryption of communication, travel security policy for the deployment of mobile devices, espionage-proof laptops and prepaid mobile phones
  • Security assessments of hotels, private accommodation, travel routes, sites of events and projects as well as reconnaissance plans
  • Personal protection for travellers, expats and their relatives in the country of destination

Medical assistance

  • Support and consultancy on ambulatory assistance and hospital treatment
  • Surveillance of treatment (e. g. via lab reports) including consultation and recommendations to the local physician
  • Delivery of medicine and medical aids

Crisis management

  • Development of crisis and emergency plans
  • Support and consulting for the crisis management group or delegation of a crisis response coordinator within 48 hours on the ground
  • Provision of capacities as well as conduct of evacuation and repatriation

Case 1

In Mexico City, the 45-year old branch manager of a German industrial company is assaulted and robbed by a group of armed assailants while getting out of his car at night. His purse, passport and vehicle are stolen. Despite of his injuries, the traveller talks to an employee of the CORPORATE TRUST-Crisis Hotline and receives first instructions and detailed directions to the nearest clinic. Shortly after, CORPORATE TRUST contacts a partner of its security network in Mexico, who meets with the assaulted employee in the clinic and takes care of the formalities with the clinic and government authorities. In the meantime, CORPORATE TRUST gets in touch with the clinic’s management, provides them with a guarantee for covering medical bills, and verifies whether the patient needs to be transported to a larger hospital or be flown home. While doctors treat the victim’s injuries, CORPORATE TRUST informs the employer back home and provides all information about the case to the company.

Case 2

At 2 pm local time, a car bomb detonates in front of a popular business hotel in Khartoum, Sudan. Shortly afterwards CORPORATE TRUST’s Global Monitoring Tool registers the incident and indicates that according to the booking data a client’s employee is accommodated in the very hotel. CORPORATE TRUST contacts the traveller who is working on a maintenance job about 10 km outside of Khartoum. The traveller is informed about the incident in the capital and receives instructions to stay at his current location until further notice. In the meantime, CORPORATE TRUST informs the employer and keeps him as well as the traveller up-to-date on local developments. CORPORATE TRUST arranges the transfer of the employee to a hotel outside of the capital and monitors the security situation over the coming days. After two days, the situation in Khartoum calms down and the employee can conclude his maintenance job as planned.