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Car Security

Today’s automobiles are intelligent and offer a variety of interconnected features. These features cause potential security gaps, for example giving access to a car’s steering, braking or engine performance; to remote-controlled features integrated into cars on an ever growing scale; and information transmitted by the vehicle about the driver’s habits.

Secure. Smart. Mobile.

Corporate Trust’s experts offer you the possibility to get an independent and professional analysis (“Automotive Forensic Analysis”) of the smart car’s protocols and information to detect manipulation and foul play.

Furthermore, Corporate Trust offers individuals and enterprises with enhanced security requirements professional consultancy and expert services for all smart car related security issues, so they can use these new technologies in line with their requirements and with confidence.

Corporate Trust’s Car Security Services

  • We support you on all issues concerning a secure connection between your automobile and your smartphone/tablet. This includes services like Apple CarPlay & Google Android Auto.
  • We show you how you can use the new possibilities that “smart” cars provide in a secure manner.
  • We explain in layman’s terms what Information about you and your habits can be extracted from your vehicle.
  • We support you with the creation of a secure configuration for your smart car.
  • We can comprehensively test your vehicle’s IT security.
  • In the context of a IT forensic analysis, we
    • can analyse vehicle data including e.g. logs,
    • show you whether any (unauthorized) access to your car’s information system have been logged,
    • or produce evidence that your vehicle was manipulated.

Our Goals – Your Benefits

The primary goal of Corporate Trust’s Car Security services is to be a reliable partner, making sure that you do not have to think about the ever growing complexity around the interconnection of information technology and your vehicle. We want you to be able to use these new technologies with pleasure and confidence in their security.

We believe that security concepts should be effective and discreet so that you hardly notice they are in place. As a company, our mission is to help our customers create an environment in which they can securely and without hindrance pursue their individual as well as their company’s goals.

For our Car Security services this means:

  1. We want to enable you to get a good and cost-effective overview over your car’s security status, independently from any manufacturers.
  2. We make easy-to-understand recommendations custom-made to your needs.

You are interested in one of our Car Security services? Please contact us and request an offer tailor-made to your needs and your vehicle model. We are also available to personally answer any questions you may have.