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Fraud Quick Check

In times of crisis, when trust in the economy is eroding and internal control systems are coming under pressure, fraudsters are operating in full swing. They attack companies with fake messages and manipulate employees in order to obtain money or data. This can be prevented!

Quick and efficient.

We offer a Fraud Quick Check for a flat fee that can be ordered online by credit card. This saves you time and streamlines your procedures.

Price: 299.- € (+VAT)

During a Fraud Quick Check, our experienced investigators quickly and efficiently check whether a specific e-mail message originated from an actual supplier, business partner or client — or whether it is fraudulent.

All we need from you is the author’s original e-mail and some background information.

Our approach:

  • Please save the original message as an .msg file from the first recipient’s inbox (not embedded within a forwarded chain of e-mails)
  • Upload the e-mail incl. attachments via our web portal
  • Briefly describe the background to this message in the “Notes” box
  • Provide your name and contact details in case we have questions
  • Complete your order by clicking on the credit card payment button

We will send you the results of our Fraud Quick Check within 2 hours during regular office hours.

What we check:

  • Does the e-mail originate from a legitimate or fake source domain?
  • Do the e-mail’s meta data (header information) match with those of your actual supplier/business partner/client?
  • Are there any red flags that the e-mail or its attachments have been manipulated?
  • Does the message text provide any indications for fraud?