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The Corporate Trust Academy offers a range of training courses and awareness programs on security issues.

Training and awareness

Prevention is the most important aspect of risk and crisis management. Targeted training courses will help you to protect your people, your corporate assets and values. Effective protection can only be achieved if those involved understand, embrace, and, as a result, properly implement the relevant technical, procedural, and personnel-related security measures.

Our training concepts are based on the many years of our consultants’ practical experience. Training sessions are customized to your individual needs and take place either in our training rooms or on your premises.

As well as these standard training courses, we also develop tailored solutions for your company.

Medical Emergency Training for Close Protection Officers

In a country like Germany, having a medical emergency is more likely in every-day life than having to defend yourself against criminal attackers. What’s more, close protection officers always have to act with foresight and anticipation when protecting their human assets, defending them against all hazards endangering their protectee’s life and health. Without question, this should include medical emergencies – an area that requires special training and equipment such as the MedicPack©. Our courses enable close protection officers to act immediately when medical help is needed most.

Stopping and Interviewing Suspects

Crimes committed by employees pose serious challenges to any organization. Police statistics and international studies show time and again that the percentage of thefts, embezzlement and bribery committed by company insiders is high.

Security Training for Female Business Travelers

The share of female business travelers is constantly increasing. Their particular needs and specific risks must be considered when preparing them for trips abroad. Criminals often consider women an easy target; hence female travelers tend to be victimized disproportionately often. In addition, cultural idiosyncrasies of many regions of the world, such as appropriate behavior of women in business, pose challenges for traveling women.

 Negotiating With Confidence

Most managers claim to be good negotiators. But according to current studies, some 80% of executives are not able get the best possible results in negotiations. Negotiations are unusual and complex scenarios, from which all participants want to emerge successful..

Crisis Management Team Training

Corporate Trust’s training for crisis committees offers a theoretical and practical learning experience for members of middle and senior management. They will learn to develop and utilize soft-skills and strategic competence for all types of crisis situations.

How Asset Owners Can Be Security-Conscious

The risk of asset owners falling victim to assault, blackmail, kidnap, or stalking have always been high. With this training,Corporate Trust raises the asset holders’ awareness of detecting threats early, understanding perpetrators’ behavior patterns and modifying their own behavior for self-protection.

 Prevention Of White-Collar Crime

One in three companies in Germany will fall victim to white-collar crime within a year, studies show. The consequently not only face financial losses but often also immense reputational damage. Our risk workshop for Prevention of White-Collar Crime offers companies the tools to identify together with our specialists the vulnerabilities in your organization and jointly devise practical defense measures in tune with your corporate culture.

How To Be Security-Consicious Online

The risk of catching a virus, a Trojan or other malware on your PC while surfing the internet is constantly on the rise. More than ever criminals exploit users’ lack of security awareness to steal their personal information. Our training course on Security-Conscious Internet Surfing demonstrates how you can protect your personal data effectively, what optional settings are crucial when using social networks, and how to recognize Social Engineering techniques early on.