BSI certifies CORPORATE TRUST as a qualified ACP response service provider 2019-08-07T09:24:24+00:00

Project Description

News 25.07.2019

Cyber ​​attacks on businesses have been increasing lately and are becoming ever more sophisticated.

The intensity of the threats is also increasing and those involved are dealing more and more frequently with attacks that aim to establish a permanent presence in the company network, so-called Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

The so-caused damage is immense and can lead to total loss in IT (see the incident in the German Bundestag). Broad experience and highly specialized knowledge are needed for the preventive defense and forensic treatment of such attacks.

In order to support operators of critical infrastructures in selecting suitable service providers, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the national cybersecurity authority, has published a list of qualified APT response service providers. In the process of identifying suitable service providers, CORPORATE TRUST GmbH was also able to qualify.