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Corporate Trust

is your strategic partner for risk and crisis management. As corporate consultants for security services we provide companies, organizations and private individuals with high-level security.


High-Level Security


Security concepts should be effective and discreet so that you hardly notice they are in place. And this is our mission: we want to create an environment in which you can concentrate on and pursue your personal and company goals, undisturbed and in complete safety. Having the right people is of the essence here.
Personal integrity and professionalism contribute the decisive added value to your security. Absolute discretion is the fundamental criterion for the relationship of trust we enjoy with our clients. And naturally you benefit from our years of experience, expert knowledge, and constant operational readiness



We are confident you will appreciate that we can only deal here in very general terms with such a sensitive subject as security.
We would be delighted to explain to you personally and confidentially exactly what we could contribute to your company’s security.

Just give us a call or send us an email:

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